Visiting for the 1st time?

So, you are here because you are interested in making some noise with us! That is a very welcome first step. The next is to actually come and see how we do it. We will be glad to have you join us at any of our league competitions. WP League competitions are normally held at the Atlantis Range on the 3rd Saturday of each month. You are most welcome to join us at the range where anyone will be able to direct you to the Range Officer or the Admin staff for the day. They will take you in-hand for an explanation or task a senior member to explain the basics.

What you will need to bring along for your introduction is a set of ear plugs and eye protection for when you step onto the firing line or are near the firing line. This is important as we are shooting at metallic targets and there may, on the odd occasion, be fragments of spent projectile material coming back off the closest targets. This is however a very rare occurrence and you will be more likely to be run over by a small child than be hit by any fragments! However slim the possibility, we take safety seriously and therefore eye and ear protection are mandatory for stepping onto the firing line during actual shooting. This includes anyone in your party.

Visitors will be expected to sign the attendance register. This is a normal part of the activities at the range and is necessary in order that you are thereby covered by our Insurance scheme/policy in the event of any possible mishap. Although we have never had any safety related incidents in more than 30 years of shooting activities, it is necessary to adhere to any and all safety regulations for ranges. This is one of them so be sure to sign the visitor’s register when you attend an event or practice session or are simply visiting for familiarization.

The other way of getting to know the sport is to contact our Training Officer and make an appointment. You are most welcome to phone or contact JP on his cell number or make contact on WhatsApp. JP can be reached on 083 865 7704.

So, you like it and want to join the Sport?

The first step is to provide us with your details so that we can take some money off you. For the price of a joining fee (for admin related stuff) and an annual membership fee, priced according to your age/needs, i.e. whether you want to join as a Family, single regular Senior Member, Veteran/Geriatric category or Student, you will be paying a specific category fee for an annual membership. Once you are a member, there are no range fees for practice sessions. There are however competition fees, either for league competitions or for provincial competitions which we host twice yearly. Every third year, depending on the SAMSSA calendar, we may also host the National Championships, which you will be able to compete in as a WP member.

League matches have an entry fee of R100 per person and provincial matches usually have a set entry fee and an additional fee per event.

Next up is a table of the fee structure. If that does not scare you away, then complete the Membership Application form, pay the necessary fees via electronic bank transfer and send both to the WPMSSA secretary for processing. In due course you will receive your membership card and letter via e-mail. This is normally used for firearm licensing application purposes and your actual printed card will be available at the league shoot from the admin staff on duty or the WP secretary.

Find the application form with fees payable here.

Banking Details and contact details here.

Message the secretary to add you to the WhatsApp groups.

Rules of the sport.

When the Mexicans started the sport around the turn of the 1800’s, they realized quickly that they will need some rules. After all, the guy with a rifle stands a hell of a better chance to hit a chicken or a pig with a rifle and his compadre with a handgun. Shotguns were outlawed very quick, as the pellets were too plentiful to be removed from the chickens after a few rebels broke their teeth trying to separate the meat from the shot. In those days they used live animals for targets, which they promptly ate afterwards.

In modern times we shoot at steel targets and you don’t really have to eat it afterwards if you don’t want to. But we did however get stuck with an ever-increasing rulebook. It is now a daunting read, but do not let this discourage you, the basic rules are very simple. Come and compete, the Training Officer will soon have you up and running and you will learn as you go along. It is more fun that way anyhow.

See you at the Range!